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08.06.23 Mon Animal et moi - 7x26min series for Radio Télévision Suisse - online on RTS

09.12.22 Christophe Calpini feat. Evita Koné - Love & Loss - online on page MUSIC VIDEOS

20.11.22 Gault&Millau - In English Please?! - Villars Palace - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

10.11.22 La Recyclerie - Caritas - online on page ADVERTS

09.02.22 Impure Wilhelmina - Jasmines (one shot live video) - online on page MUSIC VIDEOS

05.01.22 Altis - Cabane de Chanrion - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

14.07.21 Gault&Millau - In English Please?! - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

28.04.21 Impure Wilhelmina - Midlife Hollow - online on page MUSIC VIDEOS

03.03.21 Impure Wilhelmina - Gravel - online on page MUSIC VIDEOS

01.02.21 in logistics we trust - online on page DOCUMENTARIES

07.06.20 Festival Les Aubes - Selva Nuda - online on page SHORT FILMS

05.06.20 Montreux Riviera - Dolce Riviera  - online on page ADVERTS

28.04.20 Christophe Calpini - The Bug - online on page MUSIC VIDEOS

10.04.20 Montreux Riviera - Restez à la maison - online on page ADVERTS

03.04.20 Christophe Calpini - Titanic - online on page MUSIC VIDEOS

Christophe Calpini - The magnificent end (live)  - online on page MUSIC VIDEOS

Noël au Château de Chillon 2019 - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

04.10.19 Montreux Riviera - Oenotourimse - online on page ADVERTS

17.07.19 Geneva Street Food Festival 2019 - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

07.05.19 Lunch de Printemps - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

11.04.19 Projection en première suisse le 10 mai à 19h30 du film Le temps de rêver au Château de Lutry

24.02.19 New video Le temps de rêver - trailer - online on page DOCUMENTARIES

24.01.19 New video Noël aux Bastions - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

10.10.18 New video C'est ça l'AFP ! - online on page ADVERTS

26.06.18 New video Geneva Street Food Festival
 - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

21.01.18 Our documentary Jumping the Shadows (67min) is now on VIMEO - online on page DOCUMENTARIES

24.11.17 New video UEFA Regions' Cup 2017 - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

15.11.17 New video a-rr. swiss architecture - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

26.05.17 New video Vevey Riviera Food Festival - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

25.04.17 New short film Shape qui rit ®  - online on page SHORT FILMS

03.12.16 New video Bicross Club Genève - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

30.11.16 New video Borealis - The Northern Lights experience. Anywhere and anytime. - online on page CORPORATE/EVENTS 

29.09.16 New video Sports Universitaires Lausanne "Sports à vivres" - short version online on page ADVERTS and long version on page CORPORATE/EVENTS

15.09.16 New website!

09.09.16 New live video for The Animen - online here:

29.08.16 Documentary Festivals, le nouvel eldorado - Teaser - online


27.04.16 Promo clip "Bénévole au Paléo? Yeah!" - online


21.10.15 Music video of The Animen "At War" - online


07.07.15 "Epic trailer of the swiss bmx crew" - online


07.07.15 Promo clip Paléo "It's Gonna Be Great" - online


01.04.15 Documentary "Jumping the Shadows" - selected at Visions du Réel 2015


16.12.14 Visual Art "Lettres à Paléo" - online


26.11.14 Live music video of Tweek "4" - online


14.09.14 Music video of Blown "Epitaph" - online


29.05.14 Short film "in-between matters" (VIMEO STAFF PICK) - online


02.02.14 Short film "SHINE" - online


20.12.13 Our music video "Descent" is nominated for the "Best Swiss Video Clip"


04.09.13 Music video of Profile "Out There" - online


15.05.13 Music video of Christophe Calpini "Descent" - online


22.04.13 Short film "Reflections" - online


17.04.13 On the 20th of April, 10 year party & 1st screening of our new short film "Reflections" in Nyon (please send us email for more info)


21.03.13 "Walking with a Ghost" winner of Best Swiss Music Clip Audience Award 2013


26.01.13 "Walking with a Ghost" nominated for "Best Swiss Video Clip"


26.12.12 Music video of Wayne Paul "It's Just a Little Too Late" - online


28.11.12 "Walking with a Ghost" selected at film festival: 48. Solothurner Filmtage 2012" (Switzerland)


21.10.12 Music video of Tweek "Can't stop" - online


14.09.12 "Two Left Hands" selected at film festival: Cologne Comedy Short Film Festival (Germany)


06.06.12 "Two Left Hands" selected at film festival: Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (Switzerland)


21.04.12 Live music video of Sidetrack "Afternoon Movie" - online


01.04.12 Music video for The National Fanfare of Kadebostany "Walking with a Ghost" (VIMEO STAFF PICK)- online


07.03.12 Music video of Paul MIllns "Gasoline Heart" - online


10.02.12 "Trailer of an amazing Swiss BMX flatland trip in Barcelona" - online


25.11.11 "Two Left Hands" selected at film festival: 47. Solothurner Filmtage 2012" (Switzerland)


21.11.11 "Kazak Rules" selected at film festival: 47. Solothurner Filmtage 2012" (Switzerland)


01.10.11 "Two Left Hands" selected at film festival: Cinema Tous Ecrans 2011 (Switzerland)


25.10.11 "Two Left Hands" selected at film festival: Brno16 2011 (Czech Republic)


14.09.11 Music video "Kazak Rules" The National Fanfare of Kadebostany - online


18.08.11 "Two Left Hands" selected at film festival: Emmentaler Filmtage 2011 (Switzerland)


16.06.11 Music video of Rootwords "Reprezent" - online


08.06.11 Short Film "Two Left Hands" - online


29.03.11 Music video of Paléo "Time-lapse" - online


01.03.11 Music video of Gama "A Contre Coeur" - online


27.10.10 New website iPhone compatible online


24.09.10 Music video of Chapter "My Sweet Girl" - online


03.06.10 Documentary of "Sarah Bettens (K's Choice) live in Lausanne"


19.05.10 Music video of Frederick - online


15.03.10 Commercial V-Media - online


11.11.09 Music video of Dog Almond nominated in the Solothurn Film Festival 2010


09.09.09 Music video of Emeute Infernale - online


21.04.09 Music video of Dog Almond - online

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